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AG Asking Questions About Voter Fraud in Tarrant County

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Over the past few weeks, there have been a number of press articles referencing an investigation into voter fraud that is supposedly taking place in Tarrant County and it seems that the investigation is starting to heat up and no longer that of supposition. Officers with the Attorney General’s office have been spotted in Tarrant County this week knocking on doors interviewing voters affected by election fraud.

In August, Elections Administrator Frank Phillips, while answering questions about a possible election fraud investigation being underway in Tarrant County, admitted that there was in fact an investigation taking place that had to do with abnormalities related to mail-in ballots, but that his office did not file the formal complaint that led to the investigation. He also acknowledged that his office was aware of at least one individual that had helped multiple voters complete ballot by mail applications.

At an event held by Northeast Tarrant Republican Club in September, County Judge Glenn Whitley, who is a member of the Tarrant Elections Committee, admitted to the investigation and said that his office would help facilitate a meeting between Aaron Harris of Direct Action Texas, who initially filed the complaint of the possible fraud in Tarrant County, and the District Attorney Sharon Wilson in order for Mr. Harris to present the DA with any evidence of illegal activity, if any existed, on behalf of the ballot board. As of the writing of this article, Judge Whitley nor DA Wilson has contacted Mr. Harris.

On September 22, 2016, the Texas House Committee on Elections held a hearing on election fraud in which Representative Mike Schofield (HD132) asked a chief criminal prosecutor from the AG’s office if the predominate complaint from around the state for voter fraud that he received was those of one person impersonating another or about groups en masse who were trying to fraudulently vote in massive numbers. The prosecutor stated that it was certainly organized groups engaged in vote harvesting. Those opposed to election law reform have used the argument that only unorganized individuals are engaged in random mail-in ballot fraud therefore no reform to our election code is necessary.

All of this follows on the heels of the investigation into the problems with the Hill County March primary vote totals in which there are over 1700 votes unaccounted for. Monday, the AG impounded all of the ballots and equipment from that primary election.

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