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Get ready for the ride of your life

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Wow!! I have to admit…….I couldn’t stay up to find out who won the Presidency and I woke up this morning to a whole different world from that of yesterday!! As I’m sitting here reflecting on these past few months and looking at what has come from all of it, besides the obvious, I have come up with what I believe is the most important thing to have happened—-millions of Americans finally did something. Was it the right thing? If there is such a thing in this election, it remains to be seen, but one thing that I know is that millions of people participated in the process for the first time ever and that is an outcome that could have huge (pronounced yuge–haha) implications in all the elections to follow—-if they will remain engaged.

One of the main things that I enjoy doing when it comes to politics is to sit back and watch people’s reactions. Reactions to the unexpected, reactions to the expected, reactions to new ideas and reactions to the mundane and from what I saw last night, I was totally amused. Watching those of the mass media realizing that the narrative was going in the exact opposite of what they had planned for was priceless. There were times when they were literally at a loss for words. One well known politico that has been involved in American politics for many, many years was stammering at one point and had no idea what he should say. Others, who were backing the candidate that had prepared for a loss were also switching gears in midstream and were having a hard time finding the words to express what was unfolding. As I’m watching the news this morning, the president elect is the new hero and they can’t say enough good about him.

The thing that needs to be learned from what just happened and where we are at this point is that the power lies within the people and as the ones who hold that power, it is up to each individual to take that responsibility seriously. Don’t go back to the couch and think that things are all going to be better now. Remember, with the exception of a few, the same politicians remain in the same positions with the same ideas and philosophies that they held yesterday. These officials have not miraculously changed their mindset overnight, but one thing is evident—those that live, work, and breathe in the realm of politics respond to public opinion, if it’s loud enough. Loud public opinion was what was heard in the early hours this morning when change happened. YOU are the public and YOU were loud.

To continue down the path of returning to the road of true liberty, YOU have to remain engaged. YOU have to make sure that they return to the founding principles. YOU have to make sure that they carry out their promises. YOU have to remain loud and YOU have to be stubborn about it. When your congressman, state legislator, or local official comes into town, show up. When they are holding the usually monthly meetings where city or county business is being discussed, show up. When your state legislature goes into session, find a way to know and engage in what is happening. When Congress and the Senate are voting on billions and billions of dollars in the next omnibus bill, contact them and better yet, pack the town halls that they hold around that time so full that the line is out the door. Make all of these who you elect realize that they work for YOU—not the other way around–and that you are serious about what you want them to do.

As this election has just proved, the only way to get our country back on the right track is to let your voice be heard. From the beginning of our country, it has been the intention for the people to guide the actions of those who are elected and for the will of the people to be carried out. The power was always meant to flow from the bottom up, not the top down as we have all become accustomed. Now that you have seen what can be accomplished when you truly take responsibility, DON’T STOP. You are only beginning. Educate yourselves. Inform those around you and then the most important thing of all—ENGAGE. Do all of this while holding onto your hats, because the only thing that is a certainty right now is that it is going to be a wild, wild ride!! Enjoy!!

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