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The importance of it all…

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This life with all of its ups and downs all revolve around one thing in the physical sense and that is the relationships that we have with family and the rest of humanity. Every thought, every action, every breath that we take all have an effect on those around us. As a benefit of living in a society based on freedom, the effects that these things have on those around us should be guided by us, the individual, based on principles, values and ideas that have been instilled in us from parents, from God’s Word and others that we look to for guidance, but as we travel the path that is being set before us, can any of us honestly say that this is how it is in our society today? Should I just not worry about it, quit speaking up, just concentrate on my family and hope that everything works out? As today is the end of another trip around the sun and a new one will begin at the stroke of midnight, I have to ask is what I am doing worth it—will it make a difference? How important is this anyway?

As many of you know, during the last few weeks my family and others among us have been dealing with tragedies that have been life changing. These events are the type that cause one to sit back and reflect on their life and why it is they do what they do and if the time, effort and toll that it takes on their personal life is worth it all. It is through dealing with my own family tragedy that I have found some answers to all of the questions that have been swirling around in my head over the past couple of weeks.

When tragedy strikes a family or when a decision needs to be made that will have an enormous effect on someone, it seems that today more than ever, decisions have to be made not by taking into account what those who are affected by the tragedy wish to happen or what is best for them, but with the thought of whether or not it meets with government expectations. The laws and regulations that we have in place have made these sensitive decisions even more stressful with the knowledge that the government is there looking down on us, not giving us the leeway to decide for ourselves, but demanding that we do as they say.

As my own family was facing the possibility of having to make life or death decisions, I could only think about the bills that have gone through committee the last two sessions that dealt with DNRs and the desire to be able to place these documents into patients files without the consent of the family—allowing someone who has no ties to the patient except that of a professional one—to say that a person should no longer live.

As another family who had lost a loved one due to a terrible accident in another state was ready to travel back to Texas with the cremated remains, decisions were having to be made as to whether or not to drive or to fly due to valid concerns about whether the TSA would show the proper respect for those remains due to concerns raised by TSA treatment of citizens.

One has to ask why any of this would even have to enter our thoughts during times such as these. As more laws are enacted, freedom slips further and further from our grasp until we are enslaved. The laws become the links in a chain that binds us to the whim of our task master—the government. When we are living a life of apprehension and dread because we are afraid of the government and what it might do to us, we will have these thoughts.

The importance of it all is evident. Either we stand bolder and fight harder for liberty or we become more and more enslaved. We cannot shrink back into the shadows and stop the fight. My family and relationships are more important than comfort for a season. For with liberty, comes greater freedom and with freedom comes happiness and well being. May each of you have a new year filled with peace, prosperity and health!!

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