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State of the State

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****The following is commentary and is not to be mistaken for fact. Just something to think about….

Sometimes when I’m in Austin, things are said that cause contemplation and thoughts of confusion. One such thing happened yesterday. Governor Abbott gave his State of the State address and although I wasn’t able to hear it when it was presented, I read it and it has left me with feelings of disappointment and bewilderment. Why is it that we live in the reddest of red states, but it seems that most of the rhetoric and talking points coming out of leadership is becoming more and more blue? The State of the State from Governor Abbott should have every person who fights for the conservative cause in the state of Texas to be scratching their heads and asking themselves if we are living in an alternate reality.

As I read through the transcript I kept asking myself, WHY?

Why did he choose the four emergency items that he did? (The four emergency issues are: CPS reform, an Article V Convention, sanctuary cities legislation, and ethics reform. Although some of the four issues truly to need to be addressed this session do all of them rise to the top as an “emergency” issue? There will be committee hearings on Senator Taylor’s ethics legislation today.)

Why does his speech mirror the speeches that have been given by Democrats in recent times by referencing everyday people to make his point? (Making everyday people pawns in speeches is getting rather tiresome,)

Why did he give a nod to life issues when just a short time ago, we were all privy to the videos that showed Texas Planned Parenthood ripping apart baby parts and even better than that, babies are still being killed? (Yes, he said he wants the legislation on his desk, but….)

Why are we creating a another special class of people by asking for special hate crimes legislation? (Before I get tarred and feathered for even suggesting that our men in blue to not deserve protection, let me say that I grew up in a house where my dad has been involved in law enforcement for most of my life. Some of my fondest memories as a child are those when law enforcement sat at our dinner table with my family. I know firsthand what it is like to wonder when your parent goes out if he will come back and today some of the men and women that I have the utmost respect for wear the uniform. But I have to ask, “Isn’t all murder or threatening to kill another a hate crime no matter if the person is wearing a uniform or not? Why do we need another law?”)

Why are we scolding our legislators because we want more money for Pre-K? (Didn’t we just have this discussion last go ‘round?)

Why is it that we are praising our public-school model while parents everywhere are upset about what their children are learning and how they are being taught? (We have some of the best teachers of any state, but the system they are operating under is stifling their ability to teach and do their jobs. The problem seems to be the continual testing of students, the structure of public education, and funding –which he addressed–not those doing the job. It always seems that band aids are only applied instead of doing the hard job of fixing the real problems)

Words mean things, so as we progress through this session, remember what was said yesterday and do not be surprised when issues that are important to the citizens of this state are left undone. The next 120 or so days will be interesting…..

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