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Red Light Camera Bills Heard in Committee

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Today the Senate Transportation Committee heard testimony on SB 87 and SB 88 by Sen. Bob Hall.

SB 87 aims to remove the last remaining enforcement mechanism for counties and cities to compel motorists to pay their red light camera tickets.

SB 88 aims to ban red light cameras completely.

Activists have worked for years to ban red light cameras in Texas, even passing local bans in cities as big as Arlington and Houston.

These activists were very supportive of SB 87, but were not as excited about SB 88 in its current form. We’ll refrain from getting into the details of their concerns with SB 88 until the final committee language has been released. After speaking with Sen. Hall’s staff, we have learned that substitute language is being drafted for the next hearing which should address most of the activists’ concerns.

The committee hearing on the anticipated substitute language could be as early as next week.

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