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Rep. Burrows Punches Back at California

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In 2016, the state of California passed a law, banning taxpayer-funded travel to states with laws they deem to be discriminatory against LGBT people.

Basically, no travel expenses will be reimbursed by the state of California for travel in the states of Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, or Tennessee.

They identified these states as “discriminatory” for the following reasons:

  • Kansas

    • Passed a law that ensures religious organizations on college campuses are eligible for benefits offered to all other student organizations

  • Mississippi

    • Passed a law that allows pastors to opt out of conducting weddings of same-sex couples

  • North Carolina

    • Passed a law requiring people to use the restroom that corresponds with their biological sex

  • Tennessee

    • Passed a law protecting counselors and therapists who refuse to render their services because of their religious beliefs

This year, the Texas Capitol is in the midst of a hot debate on whether to pass a law similar to North Carolina’s. Last session, Texas passed a bill similar to Mississippi’s. Either of these bills could trigger a boycott of Texas by the state of California.

Granted, if Californians stopped traveling to the Lone Star State, many Texans would actually celebrate. In reality, their boycotts are merely media stunts – attempts to embarrass the people other states.

One Texas legislator is sticking up for them, and for Texas.

This week, Rep. Dustin Burrows made news by offering an amendment to the state budget which would launch a preemptive strike on California.

His amendment specifically does to California what California is already doing to others. His block on state funds going there expires when the California boycott of conservative states halts.

Burrows explained to us further:

“California has decided that it is going to impose it’s views on the rest of the states. Texas needs to defend itself. We will not put up with political correctness being pushed on us from a state whose economy is in shambles because of exorbitant taxes, excessive regulations, budget deficits and runaway social welfare programs.”

At least one media outlet has categorized Burrows’ legislation as “stirring up controversy” without making any effort to explain the details, background, or reasoning.

If Burrows is successful, we could see the biggest showdown between Texas and California since the 2006 Rose Bowl. (California lost that one, by the way).

The budget debate, and subsequently the vote on Burrows’ amendment, will be Thursday, April 6th.

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