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The New Abolitionists: Texans Who Want to End Abortion Once and For All

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When the word abolitionist is heard, most people’s thought turn to slavery and the time in our country’s history when brother was at war with brother.  But today, when you hear the word, you’d better pay attention because it might be in reference to a new group that has caused quite a stir in the state capitol lately.

The movement is gaining popularity across the state. Their goal — abolish abortion in Texas.  Abortion abolitionists have been making appearances at the Texas Capitol almost weekly and testifying on any bill in committee dealing with the subject of abortion.  Their purpose is to bring awareness to the abolition of abortion and to let others know that most abortion bills that are being heard merely “regulate murder.”

For many years, pro-life groups have been passing bills that tighten up the regulations dealing with the clinics where the service is performed, how the baby’s age will affect when an abortion can be conducted, and many other steps in the right direction.  Those who want to completely stop abortion say this is not enough.

Bradly Pierce, who helps organize those who testify, had this to say:

“Every legislative session, most Republican-controlled legislatures in our country pass one or more bills which regulate abortion rather than abolish it.

“While the motives of those who support these bills may be good, these bills compromise on fundamental principles. They treat abortion like a legitimate industry instead of a criminal enterprise, and they fail to recognize that preborn children are endowed with equal value and are therefore entitled to equal protection and justice. 

“Indeed, none of these bills even attempts to abolish the murder of innocent children altogether. ‘Because of the Supreme Court,’ we are told… It is time to stop regulating abortion because we are trying to comply with Roe. It is time to ignore Roe and abolish abortion.”

According to abortion abolitionists, the Texas legislature has every right to abolish abortion because according to state law, these are individuals from fertilization until birth and state law prohibits the death of an individual.

Texas Penal Code 1.07(a)(26) states: “…an individual is a human being who is alive, including an unborn child at every stage of gestation from fertilization until birth.”   

Texas Family Code 33.001(2) defines “fetus” as an individual human organism from fertilization until birth.”

The Texas Penal Code 19.02(b) states: “a person commits an offense [of murder] if he intentionally or knowingly causes the death of an individual.”

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