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HB948-Abolishment of Abortion

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Rep. Tony Tinderholt  has filed the most comprehensive and controversial piece of abortion legislation this session. HB 948 is the only bill that seeks to completely abolish abortion in the State of Texas. The legislation has one main main purpose: Bring unborn children under the same protections against homicide that any other human being has once they are born. The Texas code prohibiting homicide actually lists one exception to homicide – abortion. As long as the mother is permissive, taking the life of the unborn child is not considered homicide. Rep. Tinderholt believes life is such an important issue that Equal Protection rights under the 14th amendment should be inclusive of unborn life, as well.
The Texas Capitol has seen a great deal of abortion rights activists who are opposed to much lesser regulations on abortion so it’s no wonder that Rep. Tinderholt has seen severe backlash for filing this bill. In fact, he and his family have received death threats resulting in official DPS protection. One of the sources of opposition within the House is State Affairs committee Chairman Byron Cook . Rep. Cook, a republican from Corsicana, has frequently stated that HB 948 would not be considered constitutional and does not want to provide a hearing to the bill in his committee, essentially killing the legislation. Rep. Cook has been endorsed by Texas Alliance for Life as a pro-life champion, but the organization itself also sides with Cook in the belief that HB 948 goes too far and is not constitutional.
However, despite the opposition, Rep. Tinderholt’s message of Equal Protection for unborn lives has resonated with many activists, including Abolish Abortion Texas, and even with many of his colleagues in the Texas House of Representatives. The following representatives have signed onto Rep. Tinderholt’s HB 948:
● Rep. Kyle Biedermann  ● Rep. Briscoe Cain ● Rep. Cole Hefner  ● Rep. Mark Keough  ● Rep. Mike Lang  ● Rep. Jeff Leach ● Rep. Jonathan Stickland  ● Rep. Valoree Swanson  ● Rep. James White  ● Rep. Terry Wilson

Read the letters exchanged between Rep. Cook and Rep. Tinderholt on the topic of a hearing on HB 948.

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