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Texas Senate Passes Bill Codifying Trump Executive Order

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In the earliest days of Donald Trump’s presidency, he signed an executive order forcing federal executive agencies to repeal two regulations for every new regulation they create.

Yesterday, the Texas State Senate passed SB 210, by Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, to require state agencies to do basically the same.

In a statement on Facebook, Kolkhorst had this to say:

“For too long, unelected bureaucrats have been stifling economic growth and opportunity with excessive regulations. That’s why I filed and passed the Regulatory Reduction Act in the Senate which will require government agencies to repeal or amend two existing regulations before a new regulation may go into effect. This policy is intended to reduce outdated and irresponsible regulatory burdens on local businesses so they can focus on creating good jobs for all Texans!”

SB 210 will now go to the House. Legislative rules require Senate bills be reported from House committees to the House floor by the end of the day on May 20th. It’s now up to House leadership which bills will get to the floor before the clock runs out.

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