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Who is Texas Alliance for Life?

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Texas Alliance for Life, a pro-life political organization, was established in 1988 by Dr. Joe Pojman and originally opened as Greater Austin Right to Life. Prior to starting Greater Austin Right to Life, Dr. Pojman worked as a part of Texas Right to Life, a now rival pro-life organization.

The Alliance’s mission statement is as follows: “Texas Alliance for Life is a nonprofit organization of people committed to protecting the fundamental right to life of all innocent human beings and to promoting respect for their value and dignity from the moment of conception until natural death. We therefore oppose the advocacy and practice of abortion (except to preserve the mother’s life), infanticide, euthanasia, and all forms of assisted suicide.”

Despite being an organization opposed to abortion, Texas Alliance for Life has been vocal in opposition to several pieces of anti-abortion legislation during the 85th legislative session. A majority of the legislation promoted by Texas Alliance for Life addresses issues after abortion has already occurred, including regulations on disposition of fetal remains and reporting requirements.

Texas Alliance for Life has refused to support both SB 415, the dismemberment abortion ban. In a senate committee hearing on February 15, Dr. Pojman strictly stated that neither he nor Texas Alliance for Life could support a dismemberment ban as, in effect, it would prohibit abortions. In addition to this statement, he stated that “we must be wise” and firmly asserted that the dismemberment ban, along with full abortion-repeal, would never withstand a court challenge. The Alliance’s public policy page states the following heading:

Pitfalls to Avoid Because They Will Not Withstand a Federal Court Challenge

  • “Avoid “[u]necessary health regulations that have the purpose or effect of presenting a   substantial obstacle to a woman seeking an abortion or impose an undue burden on that right.” (Planned Parenthood v. Casey, 1992.)
  • Ban on abortions before “viability” of the unborn child (~23 weeks). (HB 948, Tinderholt)
  • Ban on “dismemberment abortions.” (SB 415, Perry/HB 844, Klick)”

View a full list of Texas Alliance for Life’s policy priorities and list of board members

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