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What is Texas Right to Life?

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Texas Right to Life is a grassroots effort started in the 60s in order to coordinate a defense for
the unborn. The organization became more strongly tightened after the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. Texas Right to life was started by Dr. Joseph Graham and is now run by Jim and Elizabeth Graham.

The organization retains lobbyists and general counsel for the purpose of crafting, testifying on, and working with legislators to pass pro-life legislation.

Texas Right to Life is currently an affiliate of the National Right to Life organization. Their mission statement is as follows:

“The members, directors, and officers of Texas Right to Life join together in the defense of innocent human life. We seek due process of law and equal protection of the law for all human beings from the moment of fertilization until natural death and without regard to their age or physical and mental competence. Human life is a sacred gift of our Creator, and only He has the power to end human life. Our purpose is the furtherance and implementation of our view of human life through legal and peaceful means.”

Texas Right to Life explicitly states that they oppose abortion at any stage of gestation and, as a result, have played a large part in education, legislation, and litigation on the right to life in
Texas. In past legislative session, Texas Right to Life has been instrumental in the passage of HB 2, a 20-week abortion ban that was adopted in the State of Texas. The passage of this law has resulted in the closure of a majority of the abortion facilities and, as a result, a reduction in the number of abortions.

In the current legislative session, the organization has worked heavily on the still-legal abortion practice, dismemberment abortions. SB 415 by Sen. Charles Perry  would outlaw the practice of dismembering living babies in order to abort them.

Texas Right to Life not only works on issues related to the pre-born, but also on end-of-life
issues. One of their pro-life initiatives this session was HB 2063 by Dr. Greg
. The legislation would restrict medical facilities’ ability to issue a Do Not Resuscitate Order on a patient without consent. This bill addresses a surprisingly-common problem and one that Texas Right to Life has fought against in medical facilities across Texas. Although the bill made it to a floor calendar, the House did not hear the bill before the Thursday night deadline to hear House bills.

Especially this session, however, House leadership has been unfriendly towards substantive pro-life measures like SB 415. Although this bill has passed out of the Senate, this bill nor its house companion has been given a hearing in the house.

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