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Better late than never??

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When a legislator authors a bill, they try to get as many other members to co-author the bill as possible.  This enables the author to show how much interest there is in a piece of legislation and helps to get the bill passed through the chamber.  It gives the co-author a way to show his or her support for the issue to those who are in his or her district.

A funny thing happened during the week leading up to the May 11th deadline for House bills on the General Calendar to be heard on the House floor.  It was noticed that bills which were important to Texas citizens, but were not on the calendar were gaining co-authors at the last minute. Some bills were even gaining co-authors when the bill was passed the deadline.

HB1911 which was a bill that supported constitutional carry, made it to the House calendars committee and was not scheduled for a hearing on the House floor.

Representative John Cyrier signed onto this bill on 05/11/17 and Representative Trent Ashby signed onto the bill on 05/12/17.  Reps. Pat Fallon, 05/09/17; Kyle Kacal, 05/09/17; Chris Paddie, 05/08/17; and  “Four” Price, 05/08/17 all signed on during the days before the deadline.

HB421 which is the church security bill by Representative Matt Rinaldi saw several signing on at the last minute.  This bill also made it to calendars, but was not moved out.

Reps John Smithee, 05/10/17; Kevin Roberts, 05/09/17; and Kyle Kacal, 05/08/17 all signed onto the bill just days before the deadline.

The companion HB2899 to SB6, the privacy bill saw many representatives become co-authors during the days before the deadline as the bill was left pending in committee.

Reps. Morgan Meyer, 05/10/17; Geanie Morrision, 05/10/17; Leighton Schubert, 05/10/17; Dan Huberty, 05/09/17; and Lyle Larson 05/09/17; Scott Cosper 05/08/17; Tony Dale 05/08/17; Drew Darby, 05/08/17; Dan Huberty, 05/09/17; “Four” Price 05/08/17; Hugh Shine 05/08/17; Jonathan Stickland 05/08/17; and John Zerwas 05/08/17 all became co-authors of this bill in the final hours.

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