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Compromise….The Word of the Day

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A few moments ago, the House passed its version of the so called “bathroom bill” by attaching an amendment by Representative Chris Paddie onto SB2078.  The amendment requires a separate restroom, locker room and privacy area for public school children that may feel that they need some extra privacy and who do not feel comfortable using the public facilities.

Rep. Jason Villalba who earlier in the day tweeted that he would not support any amendment that promoted discrimination took to the mic in support of Paddie’s amendment saying that he felt he could support this bill as it did not promote discrimination, but provided a solution.  Rep. Larry Gonzales also voiced his support for the amendment.

Rep. Terry Canales quickly took to the back mic and reprimanded Rep. Villalba for his change of heart as many other representatives voiced their opposition to the “compromise” to SB6 by Senator Lois Kolkhorst that has been the Senate’s choice all session to address this issue.

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