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Reimagine the Alamo….What is it?

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Reimagine the Alamo is the term that is being used to describe the redevelopment of the Alamo complex which includes the mission itself and the surrounding grounds.  Information on the organization of the same name can be found by visiting 

The master plan for the redevelopment of the Alamo complex is a work in progress that started back in October 2015 when the City of San Antonio and the General Land Office joined together with the Alamo Endowment, a non-profit organization, to fund and develop the area around the mission and the mission itself.

The Alamo Master Plan Committee, as the three are referred to, hired the Preservation Design Partnership as the lead for the project.  Dr. George Skarmeas is the Managing Principal of PDP and is also the commissioner of the US Commission of UNESCO.  Dr. Skarmeas has been involved in many projects throughout the United States some of which are the U.S. Supreme Court building, Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Capitol, and the Cincinnati Union Terminal.

UNESCO is the only agency to have these permanent committees whose main purpose, according to Article VII of the UNESCO Constitution, is to associate their governmental and non-governmental bodies in education sciences, culture, and communication with the organizations work.  One of the main benefits is the substantial contribution they make is to advance UNESCO’s objectives.

PDP is partnering with the architect firms of Fisher Heck Architects and the Mexico City based Grupo De Diseño Urbano to redevelop the site into one that will tell the entire 300-year history of the site.

The master plan for redevelopment will include the restoration of the church and long barracks; will describe the historic footprint; take in the historic battlefield and mission plaza; create a museum in the state purchased Crockett, Woolworth and Palace buildings; and develop new public spaces around the complex.

HB4349 is on the Intent Calendar in the Texas Senate for today.  This House Bill will create the Alamo Management District and will give it the authority to issue bonds.  In other words, this House Bill will create a Municipal Management District (MMD) that will grant municipal-type authority to a non-municipal entity essentially creating a city within a city.

It has also been reported that the budget will now include close to $100,000,000 in funding for Alamo-related spending.

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