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Grassroots America Rallies Activists Against Texas Budget Compromise

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The ongoing budget battle between the House and Senate looked almost resolved this weekend when Senate author Sen. Jane Nelson announced negotiators had agreed to take $1 Billion from the Rainy Day Fund.

The House had previously wanted to take $2.5 Billion, the Senate had previously wanted to leave the fund alone completely.

The official language of the budget has not been released, but rumors are swirling that negotiators also intend to undo many of the conservative victories won when House members were able to tack on amendments last month.

Activists are now calling on negotiators to scrap these proposed compromises and find a new solution.

Indeed, yesterday, JoAnn Fleming of GAWTP (Grassroots America – We the People) sent out an email alert opposing the new terms. Fleming is one of the most influential grassroots activists in the state, with close ties to Senate and House conservatives.

From the email:

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