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Newly elected Republican Party Chair reaches out to Lt. Governor Patrick and Speaker Straus

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Newly elected Republican Party Chairman James Dickey sent a letter to both Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Speaker of the House Joe Straus requesting that RPT legislative priorities on the special session call be given priority and that those not on the call be added.

Over 5,500 delegates to the RPT state convention met in Dallas last year and chose Constitutional Carry, abolition of abortion, property tax replacement, comprehensive school choice in a manner consistent with the platform, and defense of constitutional freedom of religious liberty and freedom of speech as the items that they wanted the 85th legislative session to address.

He also requested that they both identify legislators that would take the lead on ten of the items listed on the call that are directly tied to the party’s platform.

Dickey ran a campaign based on grassroots involvement and transparency and so far, his first two weeks in office are reflecting those ideals.

He has offered the help of his office and the encouragement of the Republican base and the grassroots across the state to help make sure that these items of interest are given every opportunity to become law.

Both letters are identical and can be viewed HERE.

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  1. Robert R. McBride
  2. Mellany Lamb
    Mellany Lamb

    Plank 147. Special needs kids are being exploited, as this will be the wedge issue that delivers full-blown loss of parental control over their children’s educational choices.

  3. Brian Fetzer
    Brian Fetzer

    Straus is no Republican!!! He should be removed from office AND The Party!

    1. Carl Garner Jr.
      Carl Garner Jr.

      Get a clue. Straus is a true Republican not a self righteous alt right wing nut.

      1. Radman414

        Nice try Carl, but I’m calling “Bravo Sierra” on your comment. Those who know Joe Straus best…and actually have to deal with his obstruction of conservative legislation…disagree with you strongly. Joe’s a RINO of the first order, and beholden to the Democrat representatives that vote for him as a bloc to re-elect him as Speaker…all in return for appointments as a Chair or Vice-Chair of certain House Committees.

    2. Brian Fetzer
      Brian Fetzer

      Maybe a republican by today’s definition…RINO for short! He does nothing but vote with democrats/socialists and obstruct anything that is good for Texas!

    3. George Smith
      George Smith

      so, Straus blocked several bills that would have reduced the size of government, given Texans a $24M tax cut, and brought Texas inline with the US Constitution.

    4. Jeep Zea
      Jeep Zea

      Straus is a Republican according to progressive democrats.

  4. Tex Collins

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