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LG Patrick lays out plans for education legislation

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Donning a “20-for-20” pin on his lapel, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick took to the cameras today to unveil some of his specific plans for the special legislative session which starts next week.

Pointing to his shiny new accessory, he declared his intention to lead the Senate in passing all twenty of Governor Greg Abbott’s requested pieces of legislation. He called the Governor’s agenda, “the people’s agenda.”

But Patrick focused the press conference primarily on education, taking a few swipes at House leadership in the process.

Abbott has called for a $1,000 average pay raise for teachers across the state. So today, Patrick laid out his plan for the Senate’s legislation.

Patrick started by saying he wanted to “dispel the myths that we do not prioritize public education.”

He pointed out that Texas spends $60 billion per year on education, which makes up over half of the state’s entire budget.

But he also said that while the education budget has seen a 108% increase in spending over the last 17 years, teacher pay has only increased 35%.

According to Patrick’s numbers, the state spends $163,000 per classroom per year, but on average, only $52,000 of that goes to the teacher.

“Where’s all the money going?” he asked.

Patrick challenged school districts to reallocate 5% of their budgets to teacher pay each year for four years until the average teacher salary had increased to $60,000.

He named cuts to building projects and stadium spending as ways to fund salary increases.

“Teachers have been shortchanged,” he said.

In addition to pay increases, he is calling for new bonuses to incentivize teachers to stick around for the long haul.

Under Patrick’s plan, teachers with 6-10 years of experience would get $600 bonuses every year. Teachers with 11 or more years of experience would get $1,000. Retired teachers would start with a $600 bonus, with $100 increases every year until capping out at $1,000.

To pay for these bonuses, he is recommending a constitutional amendment that would require the first $700 million from the Texas Lottery revenue be allocated for the purpose.

But the House had its own methods of addressing school finance during the regular session and Patrick repeatedly called it a “Ponzi scheme.”

Asked whether he would work with the Speaker Joe Straus, he responded, “I would love to work with the other side, but… we are not going to create a Ponzi scheme and call it school finance.” He claimed that after 7 months of repeated overtures, the Speaker had yet to accept a one-on-one meeting.

Speaker Straus has not responded to the Lt. Governor’s Press Conference at this time.

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  1. Ken Schrader
    Ken Schrader

    Shortchanged because what would’ve gone into SS went into a state run pension that has since been mismanaged?

  2. Carol Dakan
    Carol Dakan

    I’m sorry but too much is spent on non-educational items! Travel, concrete, and holes in the ground. Don’t mind paying taxes, but cut some projects, and give to the kids and teachers.

  3. Lisa Dawson Niemeier
  4. Beth Rosin
  5. Vincent Lavallee Jr.
    Vincent Lavallee Jr.

    Take all the Lottery money that was supposed to have been spent on education and spend it on education and nothing else

  6. Connie Carpenter
    Connie Carpenter

    He is right . Look at some of their budgets. Huge salaries for superintendents massive travel, millions on a step turf.

    1. Beth Rosin
    2. Russell Rosin
    3. Beth Rosin
    4. Russell Rosin
    5. Russell Rosin
  7. Charlie Dickerson
    Charlie Dickerson

    For the first time I believe Patrick is correct. And just look how the funds in the teacher retirement fund is invested! In derivatives!!!!!!!!!

  8. Donald Rutledge
    Donald Rutledge

    The department of Education needs to be abolished because of left wing ideology has destroyed America

  9. Ralph Severe
    Ralph Severe

    Well after the law making public servants aka cops protected more than my sisters, mother and children… I’m not surprised at any other madness in Texas coming out of Austin.

  10. Elizabeth Bowen
  11. Matthew Copher
  12. Les Ball
    Les Ball

    Look at stadiums, gymnasiums, tracks, sports complexes of all kinds. What percentage of a district’s budget is spent on athletics including coach’s salaries?

  13. Donald Rutledge
    Donald Rutledge

    The Republican Party has been short changed electing Rhinos like you Danny boy

  14. Walt Baty
    Walt Baty

    I’m a shop teacher at a small school in the east Texas area. I’ve been back in the teaching field for the past three years after being in the private sector as a welder for many years. I can’t believe how little money is spent on equipping the kids with an employable skill set versus what is spent on sports and if we question these discrepancies we are subjected being fired. We need accountability for this at the state level with penalties for both administration and school board members. And while I’m ranting I’ll go on and say this didn’t happen overnight so it would seem we need accountability in Austin too.

    1. Jack Shanks
      Jack Shanks

      Walt as Franklin said we’d best all hang together or mist assuredly we will hang separately. Don’t let your hatred of athletics administration and board be used to give credence to what the idiot patrick says

  15. Karl Bauch
    Karl Bauch

    I thought he was FOR letting districts be independent. Hmmmm

  16. Ginger Rich Moore
  17. Diana Miles
    Diana Miles

    Check the athletic budget vs the other department’s budget. Check the salary of a coach/p-e teacher. vs the math/science teachers.

    1. Carl Garner Jr.
      Carl Garner Jr.

      The departments are not comparable. Athletics calls for longer hours, more hours on weekends, create revenue for the district, and more.

  18. Carl Garner Jr.
    Carl Garner Jr.

    This is so politically motivated to assuage vocal teacher groups. Texas is 45th is per pupil spending, our school finance system is lawful but awful, and vouchers are not the answer especially with no accountable attached. Retired teachers are treated as third class citizens regarding healthcare (their premiums will triple and it will be insolvent in a year or two. State lawmakers treat themselves to a plush healthcare program while lacking to give teachers a similar plan. It is ridiculous to call out administrative pay as too high when they do the same work as a CEO for a mere fraction of what real CEOs make. They are well educated and trained (more than most CEOs) with doctorates and yearly training to keep themselves aware of the latest financial and instructional strategies and practices. Without more money for public education all Patrick is doing is advocating more government micromanaging which is not a conservative ideal.

  19. Terry W. Green
    Terry W. Green

    How about local school districts start spending more money on Teachers than on their Athletic programs. Allen ISD spent 60 million on a new football field. Quinlan ISD spent 2 million on a indoor practice field just 10 years ago. And Royce City ISD builds this massive stadium on IH-30 that looks like something you would see on a college campus. And I could go on and on..

  20. Kimberly McKinney
    Kimberly McKinney

    He is right. And the school administrators sure dont like you calling them out on it. They cry that it is for the children and teachers. Locally the same song and dance. Then the wording started changing slightly when it came time for the bond election. What was the change? Where the money could go to administrators too.

  21. Louis Lowe IV
    Louis Lowe IV

    It’s because of the idiotic rules currently in place. If a district has surplus funds, they are supposed to send them back to the state for redistribution. UNLESS, they spend them on buildings, etc. That money cannot go to teacher salaries. So, districts would rather spend local money on buildings, football fields, etc. than send the money to the state. So, when schools, like the ones in the Eagleford Shale area get a huge increase in property taxes, they build things. Then, when the bottom falls out of fracking, the property values drop and they find themselves in a budget deficit. The entire funding system needs to be revamped…

  22. Jack Shanks
    Jack Shanks

    I think Dan patrick is a,first class idiot

  23. Victor Clifton
    Victor Clifton

    Teachers don’t teach anymore. They send the work home for the parents to teach or stick the kids on computers to do it for themselves. The kids are the ones shortchanged. Teachers don’t deserve all the perks they get. Kids can’t even write in cursive anymore. Patrick is just worried about losing their funding for his next campaign.

    1. Roger Clark
      Roger Clark

      You are welcome to sit in my classroom and watch any time.

    2. Dennis Wearmouth
      Dennis Wearmouth

      Could not last a 1/2 day in my classroom. Patrick just concerned about the “potty”

    3. Victor Clifton
      Victor Clifton

      Roger Clark no thanks. I doubt I would be anything other than in impressed.

    4. Erin Elizabeth
      Erin Elizabeth

      Victor Clifton well he is a math teacher, but I’m sure he could help with your failing grammar as well.

    5. Victor Clifton
      Victor Clifton

      Erin Elizabeth typical libturd. You’re losing the argument so you pick on spell check. Stupid asshole. That grammatical enough for your stupid ass?

  24. Ronald Love
    Ronald Love

    Some of the highest paid people in a com.unity is the school superintendent . Whast they make is CRIMINAL. Not just salary but perks that make a corporate executive blush with envy.

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