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Gov. Abbott makes a big announcement

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Gov. Greg Abbott was greeted with cheers and applause, as well as one or two protesters, as he took the stage today at the Sunset Station in San Antonio to announce his campaign for re-election.

An expert fundraiser, he has a huge war chest of roughly $34 million.

Abbott defeated Democrat Wendy Davis by 20 points in 2014, and so far, no big-name Democrat has stepped up to take on the daunting challenge of defeating him.

But despite the lack of real competition, Abbott still took some jabs at the other side. He pointed out that although he had won both Harris and Bexar Counties in 2014, Hillary Clinton won them both in 2016.

He told the crowd at one point that he was running so that “San Francisco liberals like Nancy Pelosi will not be governing the great state of Texas.”

Abbott focused much of his speech on education and law and order, as well as the laws that he has signed the last 2 ½ years on those topics.

Even though the governor has no role in passing bills – they can become law even without his signature – he can take credit for lobbying the legislature and applying popular pressure.

Since taking office, he said, “more students are graduating high school, and more students are graduating college than ever before, in the history of the state of Texas.”

This session, he made the nation’s first Sanctuary Cities Ban a priority and signed it into law.

He also touted the expansion of Second Amendment rights with both Open Carry and Campus Carry earning his signature since taking office. He did not make mention, however, of Constitutional Carry, the Republican Party of Texas’ number one legislative priority. (He has not added the bill to his special session call, despite pressure from gun rights groups).

Among several other things, Abbott also celebrated new laws giving police more body armor, and veterans more tax breaks.

But he also laid out some plans for the future. He made a renewed plea for the legislature to reform the Robin Hood school finance system, whereby wealthier school districts lose money in favor of poorer ones. He has even made this an issue for the upcoming special session. He also asked them to give parents more choice in the schools their children attend.

The state’s economy remains one of the strongest in the country, and the governor did not forget to mention it. Loud cheers interrupted Abbott when he said, “If Texas were its own country…”

Smiling brightly, he finished, “We are doing so well, we have the tenth largest economy in the entire world.”

Wrapping up his speech, he thanked supporters and volunteers who are already at work shoring up votes before the March 2018 primary election. Abbott then told the crowd, “together we will keep Texas the most exceptional state in the United States of America.”

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  1. Miguel Villalon Jr
    Miguel Villalon Jr

    I didn’t like the Governor but then I started listening to him and seeing the actions that he took. He has my vote.

    1. Marguerite Impagliazzo
      Marguerite Impagliazzo

      Actions on what? More fear mongering, isolationism, theocracy, suedo-religious fanaticism?

    2. Miguel Villalon Jr
      Miguel Villalon Jr

      What exactly would you like the Governor to do if you could sit with him and share your concerns?

    3. Marguerite Impagliazzo
      Marguerite Impagliazzo

      Get the religious ideology out. When did being a moderate conservative become such a bad thing? The GOP has become so sanctimonious and so far to rhe right, they are fixing to throw themselves off the edge of the earth. I know the world is round, but do they?

  2. Manny Raneri
  3. Mark Metcalf
    Mark Metcalf

    I never thought Abbott would be worse than Perry. I was wrong.

  4. Gene Sevenau
    Gene Sevenau

    Medium. Wish he’d tell the fed there and the cronies here to take a hike

  5. John Hubert Spears
  6. James Fletcher
    James Fletcher

    Him or anybody else for governor of the state of Texas if they were worth a damn they would be fighting to repeal all the unconstitutional Laws Texas has.

  7. Kathy Rickman Carter
    1. Marguerite Impagliazzo
    2. Kathy Rickman Carter
      Kathy Rickman Carter

      Marguerite Impagliazzo lol lol from the state the elects wrestlers as governor.

    3. David Ross
      David Ross

      Kathy Rickman Carter Kathy, tell us what he’s done. We’re the laughing stock of the nation right now, if you haven’t noticed… seriously, tell us.

  8. Michael Monroe
  9. Jessie Stone
  10. Kelli Cook
    Kelli Cook

    What happened to his campaign promise of no new toll roads?

    1. Marguerite Impagliazzo
  11. William Busby
  12. Freda Duke Wood
  13. Gem Hamilton
    Gem Hamilton

    Ok..but he failed on constitional carry

  14. Wanda Westfall
    Wanda Westfall

    I do not know who I will vote for this time as he is the only one I have heard that has admitted he is running. As far as what he can or cannot accomplish he does not have that much power except to sign bills into law……….some say the Lt. Governor has more power in Texas than the Governor does… Washington, Deep Cesspool of corruption and lies our Texas State Legislators have a lot of self inflated egos and backroom deals………..and those deals do not usually benefit the citizens of Texas………..but if the Rat party runs someone like W. Davis again I would vote for nigh on to any party than something like her………….kind of like Hill of Lies Clinton etc………

  15. Jackie King
    Jackie King

    Can’t support Abbott until he removes from office Keith Ingram Director of Elections. After all Abbott is for election integrity.

    1. Marguerite Impagliazzo
      Marguerite Impagliazzo

      More like election suppression. Too bad they where slapped down on gerrymandering. It will suck when all eligible votes can finally be heard and counted.

  16. Ken Schrader
  17. Don Towery
    Don Towery

    Teacher’s – F
    Children – F
    Elderly – F
    Workers – F
    Corporations – A
    Total -. F

    1. David Ross
      David Ross

      Don, that’s the truth. And as for corporations, I bet big oil would vote otherwise…

  18. Barbara Harless
    Barbara Harless

    Abbott scores low on my grading scale…
    Refuses to prioritize Constitutional Carry
    Supports a Con Con to weaken the 10th Amendment
    Supports government daycare
    Supports sodomy, in violation of the TX Constitution and TX Statutes (Obergefell)
    Supports unconstitutional SCOTUS opinions over states’ power
    Generally, he’s an establishment socialist under the R banner.

    1. Karen Bravo
      Karen Bravo

      supports sodomy?!? are you stupid, bigoted, secretly gay, or just unsure how the world works?!?

  19. Michael Brewer
    1. Marguerite Impagliazzo
    2. Michael Brewer
  20. Becky Geistel-Glasgow
    1. David Ross
      David Ross

      Why? Tell us what good he’s done.

    2. Becky Geistel-Glasgow
      Becky Geistel-Glasgow

      I know what good he’s done…. he’s worked hard to enforce our rights,our amendments, our safety, our workforce, our children, our laws, our borders, our Texas values, and fought tirelessly against anything Obama and for everything energy!!!

  21. Ralph Severe
    Ralph Severe

    Failed, No license carry

    Failed, Made police have more protection than my family

    1. Marguerite Impagliazzo
    2. Ralph Severe
      Ralph Severe

      Marguerite Impagliazzo
      Maybe we are a lot different.
      I want all my rights.
      Not just the ones our masters give is permission to have…

  22. Tracy Shotwell McGee
    1. Marguerite Impagliazzo
    2. David Ross
  23. Debra Bruce
  24. Andy Holloway
  25. Louis Lowe IV
    Louis Lowe IV

    Wow! Greg Abbott and this page are TRUE Texans! But…wait…they don’t even know that, when the flag of the Sovereign State of Texas is displayed vertically, the RED GOES ON THE RIGHT!!! But, OK, tell us how much he loves the state of Texas…🙄

    1. Robert Watkins
      Robert Watkins

      like all mirror images it comes out backward ! dumas !

    2. Louis Lowe IV
    3. Wayne Granger
      Wayne Granger

      Hey Robert Watkins take a look at the Capitol in the background. No mirror image. The flags flying are on the right of the building, as they are in the real world.

    4. Louis Lowe IV
      Louis Lowe IV

      Wayne Granger careful! Don’t want you to be a “dumas !”, too!

  26. Jack Shanks
    Jack Shanks

    He is absolutely awful worse than perry

  27. David Ross
    David Ross

    Clown. Hasn’t done anything of note to benefit this once great state. Someone tell me otherwise. Please, and be specific.

  28. Joan Culp
  29. Kelly Galvin
    Kelly Galvin

    Big announcement…we are all so surprised…not. Texas continues to lower the bar on more issues that I can possibly list.

  30. Roger Jasso
    Roger Jasso

    Hatred never win cuz ignorance can’t see the truth nor common senses either cuz they are so stupid az0 nuts

  31. Jesse Martar
  32. Janice Patterson
  33. Star Stevens
    Star Stevens

    He needs to be more liberty minded in medical freedoms, vaccine choice & parental rights.
    This is my single most important topic when voting.

    So when Merck potentially moves to Austin, I’ll be watching extremely closely.

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