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Abbott Details New Reopening Guidelines

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At a press conference Thursday, Gov. Greg Abbott has announced new reopenings to start next week as hospitalization rates go down while leaving some closures in place. 

In regions with COVID-19 hospitalization rates under 15%, stores, restaurants, offices, museums, libraries, and gyms may open to 75% capacity starting Monday, September 21st. 

Nursing homes may also allow visitors, though those will not be able to open until next Thursday, September 24th. Nursing homes will not be allowed to have visitors if an outbreak occurs at the facility. 

Abbott also announced that bars will not yet be allowed to reopen. He did not mention state parks, which have been operating under limited capacity restrictions, during the conference.

A key focus of the press conference was that various regions of Texas are impacted differently. The Lower Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, and Victoria hospital regions were highlighted as not yet meeting criteria for reopening. The governor highlighted the importance of this approach, using Amarillo as an example, saying that its situation is more like nearby states than some other parts of Texas.

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