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Lubbock Mayor Hesitant on Blocking Planned Parenthood

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During a radio interview last week, Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope, in response to calls from pro-life activists, expressed hesitation to prevent Planned Parenthood from returning to Lubbock.

Pope mentioned that his hesitation was not due to his beliefs regarding abortion, but rather about focusing on the responsibilities of the city. Pope said that while he is pro-life, “telling Planned Parenthood they can’t come to Lubbock would be in some ways like telling United they couldn’t build another store or telling the Southern Baptist Convention they couldn’t do another church start in Lubbock.”

As Lone Star Voice reported earlier this month, State Sen. Charles Perry (R-Lubbock) requested the city of Lubbock declare itself a “sanctuary for the unborn.” While Pope would not say during the interview if he was committed to voting for or against such an ordinance, it was mentioned that a proposed ordinance regarding the subject is under review.

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