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Texas Republican Party Passes Resolution Calling on Abbott to Open Texas

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At the quarterly meeting of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC), the governing body of the Republican Party of Texas, a resolution was passed blasting the response by local and state government to the COVID-19 virus, and calling on Texas Governor Greg Abbott to “immediately rescind all COVID-related mandates, closures, and restrictions and to open Texas NOW” the resolution reads. 

The resolution was passed with an overwhelming vote of 53 for and 4 against. 

Abbott recently extended his emergency orders, keeping certain small businesses including bars and river tubing rental companies closed, while slightly expanding the degree restaurants and other businesses may open. 

The resolution is a major development that reflects growing frustration and disapproval of the Governor’s actions among Republican voters. 

Earlier this year, an unprecedented number of county Republican Parties across the state passed resolutions calling for the Governor to be censured at the Republican State Convention. 

The resolution was never brought to a vote to be sustained, however, if a new resolution was directed to the SREC for a confirmation vote, this recently passed resolution could signal that there is sufficient frustration among the Party leadership to sustain the measure. 

A copy of the resolution is included for our readers below:

Whereas, Texans have been under emergency closures, lockdowns, mandates, and restrictions for SIX MONTHS;

Whereas, state and local governments have exercised egregious overreach in misguided attempts to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 disease;

Whereas, state and local government overreach has infringed on our Constitutional liberties – including our rights to property and to peaceably assemble;

Whereas this egregious government overreach has resulted in unthinkable depredations upon the people of Texas, including left millions unemployed, countless businesses bankrupt or on the verge of bankruptcy, nursing home residents dying alone and isolated, lives ruined and dreams destroyed;

Whereas, COVID-19 can pose a serious risk, in particular to some at-risk groups, and requires Texans to act responsibly for the health of themselves and their loved ones;

Whereas, businesses and customers are fully capable of operating freely while undertaking reasonable precautions without top-down, government mandates;

Whereas, every day that closures and restrictions continue, they wreak havoc on the livelihoods and liberties of Texans,

Therefore, be it resolved, the Republican Party of Texas calls on Gov. Greg Abbott to immediately rescind all COVID-related mandates, closures, and restrictions and to open Texas NOW.

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