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City of Lubbock Issues Statement About Conflict of Interest Allegation

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The City of Lubbock released a statement Tuesday regarding allegations of a conflict of interest brought up by mayoral candidate Stephen Sanders. Sanders had made a Facebook post about a potential link between the law firm reviewing a potential anti-abortion ordinance and Planned Parenthood.

The alleged link involves Kris Olson, the wife of Charles Olson and a former chair of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. Charles Olson, of the Haley & Olson law firm, is a cousin of David Olson, who is a non-equity partner of the Olson & Olson law firm. Olson & Olson, LLP is the law firm reviewing the ordinance. 

The statement from the City of Lubbock links to a letter from Olson & Olson, LLP. The letter, addressed to Lubbock City Attorney Chad Weaver, states that “Olson & Olson does not have any business relationships with Haley & Olson or Kris Olson.”

A copy of the statement from the City of Lubbock is included for our readers below:

The City of Lubbock announced last week that the Houston-based Olson & Olson law firm is assisting in the City’s legal review of the proposed Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinance. 

Over the weekend, the City was made aware of social media posts alleging a conflict of interest regarding the City’s hiring of the law firm.

Additionally, a copy of the text of the letter from the Olson & Olson law firm is included for our readers below:

We are aware of statements made linking the Olson and Olson law firm with Kris Olson. That is not the case. Kris Olson is the wife of Charles Olson of the Haley & Olson firm in Waco, Texas. Olson & Olson is located in Houston, Texas and is not affiliated with Kris Olson or the Haley & Olson firm. Olson & Olson does not have any business relationships with Haley & Olson or Kris Olson.

David Olson, a non-equity partner at Olson & Olson, is a cousin of Charles Olson. David Olson has not been and will not be assigned a role, nor will he participate in the representation of the City of Lubbock. Kris Olson is not an attorney and plays no role in Olson & Olson’s representation of its clients.

Olson & Olson has concentrated its practice in the area of municipal law since its inception in 1974. Olson & Olson is committed to representing local governments. We understand the important role local government has as the level of government that is closest to the people it serves. We feel a sense of public service, and we understand how local government works. All of the lawyers at Olson & Olson concentrate their practice in the representation of cities, counties, special districts, and other units of local government. Olson & Olson has previously and successfully represented the City of Lubbock, and Olson & Olson is pleased to do so again by offering high quality legal services with integrity.

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