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Texas GOP Convention Rules and Platform Results

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The business of the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) state convention was finally completed last week, with delegates voting online to finalize the party rules and platform. 

According to statistics provided by the RPT, delegates spent an average time of 47 minutes completing their ballot.

All proposed provisions to the party platform passed, as well as minority report changes to the proposed party rules. 

Among all of the provisions up for consideration, four proposed portions of the party principles garnered the most support among delegates, including;

  1. The inalienable right of all people to protect themselves and their property – 97.8%
  2. Personal accountability and responsibility – 97.7%
  3. Preserving American and Texas sovereignty and freedom – 97.5%
  4. Limiting government power to those enumerated in the United States and Texas Constitutions – 97.5% 

Five proposed platform provisions in the RPT report showed receiving the least amount of support among delegates, but still garnered enough support to pass, including;

  1. Vehicle Inspection Plank – 79.9% 
  2. Raise the Age Plank – 76.9%
  3. United States Senators Plank – 79.9%
  4. Texas State Electoral College – 79.6%
  5. Cannabis Classification Plank – 83.3%

One important change to the party rules includes the passage of the Rules Committee Minority Report, which contained different language that strengthened Rule 44, the power to censure party officeholders. 

The maximum penalty that could be inflicted upon an offending officeholder under the existing language included lifting restrictions on the party’s requirement to remain neutral in primary elections, and the ability to withhold party resources from being used to re-elect the censured official. 

The rules minority report bolstered the penalty by not only lifting the party’s requirement to be neutral, but allows the party to demand a censured official not file for re-election in the party primary, and if the offender ignores the request and files anyway, the party would then be authorized to spend up to 12% of the party’s resources in defeating the offenders’ re-election bid. 

The strengthened language in the minority report passed with 54.1% of the vote. 

Viewers may read the entire convention results report here.

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