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Michael Bloomberg Spending Millions to Turn Texas Blue

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New York Billionaire and former Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is pumping millions in campaign funds behind a Democrat candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner, Chrysta Castaneda, and the Democrat presidential ticket.

The Texas Railroad Commission is a three-member agency that regulates the oil and gas industry. The three commissioners who oversee the commission are elected statewide to 6-year terms. 

The Republican nominee, Jim Wright, won the party nomination in the March Primary Election, ousting incumbent Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton with only a fraction of the campaign resources. 

The latest data via Transparency USA shows Wright’s campaign currently sitting at $1,334,930 in contributions, with $169,887 cash on hand as of publication. 

With Bloomberg’s contribution, Castaneda is showing $4,114,401 in overall contributions – a substantial monetary lead over her Republican opponent from what appears to be largely from out of state sources. Bloomberg’s contribution alone totals $2.6 million of Castaneda’s funding. 

Bloomberg is also planning on funneling millions into the Texas presidential race via the Super PAC “Independence USA.” Bloomberg reportedly intends to spend upwards of $15 million in support ads in both Texas and Ohio as part of the massive ad buy. 

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