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Candidates File for Special House District 68 Election

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A total of five candidates will be facing off on the ballot for the special election to fill the house seat being vacated by newly elected State Senator Drew Springer.

Springer, who served in the HD68 seat since 2013, is leaving a vacancy after winning another special selection for the SD30 State Senate seat. 

At the end of the brief filing period for the election, four Republicans and one Democrat had filed for the position. 

The Republican candidates include John Berry, Craig Carter, David Spiller, and Jason Brinkley.

Brinkley resigned his office as the County Judge of Cooke County to run for the position. 

Charles Gregory is the lone Democrat in the running for the position. 

The large House District includes 22 counties, spanning from the outer DFW region and running up into the eastern panhandle. 

Voters will only have a matter of days to decide before early voting begins on Monday, January 11 – with election day occurring soon after that on January 23, setting the stage to be a swift match.

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