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State Representative Files Legislation to Exempt Charter Schools from Property Taxes

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State Representative Jim Murphy (R-Houston) has introduced legislation for the upcoming session which would temporarily exempt property used by charter schools from property taxes.

The legislation takes the form of a proposed amendment to the Texas Constitution which would allow for the exemption and a bill enacting the exemption. The proposed amendment, H.J.R. 57, will require voter approval in the November 2021 general election if passed by the legislature. The amendment will also only be temporary if passed, expiring on January 1, 20203.

The enabling legislation, H.B.1022, provides that property leased to a charter school for open enrollment schools would be exempted from ad-valorem taxation.

The legislation will only go into effect if the proposed constitutional amendment is passed.

The issue of school choice is listed as a legislative priority by the Texas Republican Party, which controls a majority of both houses of the state legislature. Make sure to follow Lone Star Voice for further updates on this and other issues related to legislative priorities.

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