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Legislation Filled in Texas Would Require Athletic Participation in Public Schools Be Based on Biological Sex

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State Senator Charles Perry (R-Lubbock) has filed legislation in the Texas Senate that would require public schools to use a student’s biological sex as determined on their birth certificate, for athletic sports programs that are sex-specific.

The legislation, S.B. 373, comes right on the heels of newly elected President Joe Biden’s executives’ actions seeking to expand ‘transgender’ students access to participate in whatever sports programs coordinate with the gender they identify with. 

Parents have expressed concern over the policies that would potentially see biologically male children who self-identify as a female being given an unfair advantage over their biological female daughters, both in performance and for scholarships. 

Similar legislation to Perry’s has been taken up and passed by numerous other states already, with one law in Idaho currently under litigation in the federal courts. 

Senator Perry posted online about his legislation, writing, “Today, I filed SB 373 to ensure that student-athletes who are born biologically male cannot play in female UIL sports competitions. By formalizing this in statute, it will help protect the integrity of Texas sports and promote safety among competitors for years to come.” 

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